Brown Jordan

  • Luxury Modular Furniture – An Outdoor Solution With Universal Appeal

    Of all the design trends hitting the outdoor living scene lately, one of the biggest is the idea of versatility and curated spaces. Brown Jordan offers just that high-quality, elegant furniture that can be arranged to meet multiple needs within the same space.   

    Modular collections are by no means a new trend, but over time, we've taken this outdoor design category to a whole new level. We've gone beyond the linear and straight edges to add softness and curves, innovative materials, and shapes to our collections. 

    A leader in this category, Brown Jordan continues to follow the trends in modular seating with a focus on innovation and style.  

    By Stephen Elton, Chief Brand Curator

  • Brown Jordan Presents Loden: 2018 Color of the Year!

    At this year's 2017 Art Basel in Miami, Brown Jordan and Sunbrella® co-hosted a reception to announce the Brown Jordan 2018 Color of the Year. 

    By Stephen Elton, Chief Brand Curator

  • Heat things up this winter with Brown Jordan Fires

    This season, it’s all about the flames. Brown Jordan fire pits and accessories are the ideal solution for outdoor gathering areas - regardless of the temperature. Whether it’s a patio, garden, deck or rooftop - find out how one of our fire solutions can be the perfect addition to your next design project.

    By Stephen Elton, Chief Brand Curator

  • The Kantan Collection: Defining Outdoor Living

    In this post, I’d like to share the story of Brown Jordan’s Kantan collection – a design that has truly stood the test of time. Best known for its innovative architecture, Kantan received its first ever design award at Chicago Market in1956. It won the same award 56 years later when Kantan Brass, featuring innovative Sumbrella Suncloth lace, was released in 2012. Over the years, Kantan has grown into three collections totaling 26 pieces. We’ve introduced new finishes, new fabrics, and additional pieces – all while maintaining the mid-century modern look and feel of the original collection. Kantan has even been featured on AMC’s hit TV show, Mad Men

    By Stephen Elton, Chief Brand Curator

  • 2018 Outdoor Design Trends

    September has always been one of my favorite months, as it marks the time of year that we introduce new outdoor collections, expanded product portfolios, new finishes, and new fabric textures and colors! In this post, I’d like to share some of the outdoor furniture trends we are introducing for Brown Jordan, as well as highlight some of our new product additions for 2018, including our exciting new Softscape Collection, designed by John Caldwell.

    By Stephen Elton, Chief Brand Curator

  • Timeless Elegance

    From patios and poolsides across the country … to The White House, Smithsonian, and exclusive homes and hotels worldwide, Brown Jordan has provided a luxurious element to the outdoors for more than 70 years.

    By Stephen Elton, Chief Brand Curator