Brown Jordan Fires

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If you have specific technical questions about Brown Jordan Fires, talk to our experts:

For Technical Questions, please contact our Brown Jordan Fires experts. We are partnered with EcoSmart Fires and they will be available to answer all of your questions related to Brown Jordan Fires: or (888) 488-4447

Brown Jordan Fires are designed with advanced, clean burning EcoSmart Fire technology that offers a warm ambience and finishing touch that perfectly complements your outdoor lifestyle. Fully self-contained and requiring no utility connections, EcoSmart Fire technology is the most trusted brand in the bioethanol-fueled fireplace industry.

All Brown Jordan Fires are fueled by an incredibly efficient and eco-friendly fuel source - e-NRG Bioethanol. This liquid fuel source is composed of clean burning denatured alcohol, which is a safe alternative to traditional fire pits. Now, you can enjoy all the warmth and ambience of an open flame without any smoke, soot or ash.

Things to know when you purchase from Brown Jordan Fires:

  • When you purchase a specific Brown Jordan Fire from this website, there are accessories that will be included with your purchase. They will be noted in detail within each product description. Most of these accessories will be sold separately as well, so make sure you review what is included so you do not add any additional products you simply do not need. Accessories that will be sold separately include the decorative stones, and the e-NRG Bioethanol fuel required to run the fireplaces. You can add these products to your Brown Jordan Fire order.
  • How do I light a Brown Jordan Fire? Our instruction manual which comes with every Brown Jordan Fire goes over the lighting procedure step by step to make sure you are able to light your Brown Jordan Fire safely and correctly. A quick read through the manual will have you setting up your Brown Jordan Fire in no time.
  • Can you extinguish a Brown Jordan Fire before the fuel runs out? Brown Jordan Fires can be extinguished whenever needed. The ethanol left in the burner is perfectly safe staying right where it is, even for months at a time. It is recommended that the burner door remain closed when not in use. Please wait 15-20 minutes for the ethanol to cool before relighting.
  • What assembly is required for Brown Jordan Fires? Most Brown Jordan Fires require only minor assembly that involve little more than placing a burner within its corresponding unit (i.e. placing an XL burner in the Flow Coffee Table). The Evolution 900 has the most involved installation and does require a contractor though its self-adjusting frame makes the process relatively easy.