Contract Representatives

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Mexico and Central America

Puerto Rico


United Kingdom

Cynthia Klick

Klick Associates
Tel 952.471.0717

North Florida

Eric Klem

The Klem Group

Tel 404.389.0900

Central & South Florida

Larry Weiner

Tel 954.437.9999

Grady & Jackie Prevette

Prevette Associates
Tel 336.273.1677

E.L. Hospitality Product

Enrique A. Landestoy
Tel 787.757.8047
Fax 787.717.4747

East Canada

Fred Gilbert
Tel 860.633.2429

West Canada

Colleen OConnor
Tel 503.887.7383

Colleen OConnor Tel 503.887.7383

Kirk Nelson

Elite Ideas In Contract Furnishings

Tel 949.645.6161

Donn Raseman

Tel 269.806.2492
Fax 815.346.3461

Sharon Lofton

Tel 317.842.1854
Fax 317.842.1858

Fred Gilbert

Casual Furniture Resources

Tel 860.633.2429
Fax 860.657.9184

Paul H. Lyman

Tel 952.435.2565
Fax 815.301.3962

Stephen Elton

Sr. Vice President of Sales & Branding
Tel 202.554.2875

Jeff Hill

Hill and Associates

Tel 972.964.1030

Erica Marshall

Erica Marshall & Associates

Tel 678.984.8541

Eric Klem

The Klem Group

Tel 404.389.0900

Bob Small

Orbit Sales

Tel 808.625.1000

Paul Geiseman

Tel 312.560.6719