Brown Jordan - Art Of The Good Life
Brown Jordan - Art Of The Good Life


I am located outside the United States of America; where can I purchase Brown Jordan furniture?

Contact the Brown Jordan representative for your geographic region - simply click the Retail Representatives link and select the dealer within your region.

Where can I find information on how to care for and maintain my Brown Jordan furniture?

Simply click the 'Care and Maintenance' link found at the bottom of the web page.

Where can I find information on your Return and Warranty policies?

Simply click the 'Returns and Warranty' link found at the bottom of the web page.

Can you refer me to a furniture technician? I need to have a local repair completed.

This list of independent service technicians and businesses is provided as a courtesy to our customers. If you do not find a technician in your geographic region, you may conduct an Internet search or consult your local yellow pages. We recommend that you contact several technicians to determine which provider best meets your needs. (Please note that these technicians are not certified by Brown Jordan Company.)

Can you identify this collection or piece?

Please send a photo of your furniture along with your name to We would be happy to provide you with the name of your Brown Jordan collection.

How Can I Purchase New Glides (“Feet”) And Other Replacement Parts For My Brown Jordan Furniture?

Please visit your local Brown Jordan retailer for replacement parts. To find the closest dealer to you, please click on the Store Locator feature at the bottom right corner of our home page.

How Do I Purchase Replacement Mesh Slings, Cushions Or Strap For My Brown Jordan Furniture?

Replacement slings and strap can be purchased from a Brown Jordan retailer or a local service technician. Replacement cushions can be purchased from your local Brown Jordan retailer.

I Have A Warranty Claim And Have Moved Away From The Retail Location (Or The Retail Location Has Closed). How Do I Submit A Claim?

Please contact the Brown Jordan retailer closest to you, providing: 1) your name, address, phone number and email address; 2) a copy of your proof of purchase; 3) photos of the furniture; and 4) a description of the issue.

How Do I Order Replacement Glass?

Replacement glass is available through a local Brown Jordan retailer. If you are unsure of your collection, please be prepared to provide the retailer with the glass measurements.

How Do I Effectively Use Touch-Up Paint And Where Can I Order It?

Brown Jordan Touch-Up Paint (Aerosol and Brush) is available through a local Brown Jordan retailer. Please contact your local retailer for pricing. Click the links for instructions to touch up Brush-On Paint and Aerosol Paint.