Brown Jordan - Art Of The Good Life
Brown Jordan - Art Of The Good Life

Brown Jordan Released New Website

Brown Jordan is proud to introduce a technologically innovative website that allows unparalleled capabilities to globally search and specify award-winning product from the revered legacy brand. Launched March 1, the newly envisioned site enables architects, designers and consumers the ability to peruse collections with exceptional access, speed and ease. Further, the new Brown Jordan website permits users to filter searches by–collection, category, designer, material and function—and provides detailed information on construction, care, choice of finishes and fabrics and enhanced viewing capabilities in a 360 degree product configurator. 

“Well before the pandemic, our customers were seeking more purposeful and efficient ways to view and explore products from the convenience of their studio, workplace or at home,” said Gene J. Moriarty, President and Chief Executive Officer. “By engineering a best-in-class website that complements our vast furniture offering, Brown Jordan assures a superlative experience reflective of our brand’s heritage.”

Design Portal Innovation

Most notably, design professionals can rely on the site’s exclusive design portal and access 2D and 3D product renderings. The websites innovative product configurator showcases 360 degree product views and also allows designers to download renderings and integrate them into their presentations and plans.

Upgraded filtering permits users to readily identify collections that suit projects and help them make better decisions through an automated system. Further, designers can easily create carts of interest, and have several options reviewed simultaneously, and then are conveniently directed to a price quoting system. Future portal enhancements are in development and will include options to create project mood boards, and the ability to develop and share presentations with clients and help them plan spaces with user-friendly innovative tools.

“By empowering designers, Brown Jordan is eliminating the barriers that impede the overall specification process,” said Julie Daniel, Vice President, Marketing, Brown Jordan Inc.  “Too often, digital platforms offer limited information as well as an inability to properly see and experience products, unless one sets foot in a showroom. Our new site’s capabilities rival in-person visits and deliver an easy, secure and top-level experience that our customers have come to trust and expect.”

In addition to enhancements outlined above, the site’s layout has been redesigned to enable an ease in navigation through menus that streamline the process and direct users accordingly to showrooms, dealers, customer service, care and maintenance. Further, the interface has been modified with a fresh and crisp design as well as improved layout of collections and products shown silhouetted and in lifestyle settings as well as exclusive curated content serving A+D and residential audiences.

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