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Brown Jordan - Art Of The Good Life

Contemporary Luxury: Brown Jordan’s New Moto Collection

Brown Jordan is excited to launch its newest collection, Moto, the company’s latest collaboration with award-winning contemporary designer Ann Marie Vering.

The sleek, metal-framed seating collection takes its name, Moto, from the streamlined European sport bikes that sparked the inspiration for Vering’s equally sleek, metal-framed designs. Like those performance machines, the Moto collection transcends the ordinary. “I wanted this collection to truly elevate the idea of outdoor seating, to push the boundaries of luxury and attention to detail at every turn,” says the designer, who draws equally from her educational foundation in architectural engineering and her background in fine art. “I see Moto as the perfect extension of Brown Jordan’s offerings. It not only mixes beautifully with other groups, like Oscar, but broadcasts a quality that’s right at home in the world’s most refined living spaces,” she says.

Moto Collection

Designed for Flexibility

Vering describes Moto’s metal frame as “contemporary with a nod to neo-classicism,” a balanced approach that makes the collection right at home in a wide range of styles, from modern to traditional, indoors or out. The tightly edited launch collection includes 11 sectional pieces that combine to create nearly unlimited seating configurations. “The combinations go way beyond the traditional L- or U-shape,” says Vering. “We wanted designers to have unique, flexible solutions for different needs, from an intimate home living area to a large hotel or hospitality setting.”

Moto’s curated color palette—the powder-coated frames and upholstery in three neutral shades — means that the pieces mix perfectly with each other and with other Brown Jordan designs. “We wanted to do as much of the advance design work for our customers as we could,” says Vering. “Right down to the perfect wardrobe of color options.”

Completing the thoughtful extras: Optional extensions topped with durable Dekton quartz surfacing create integrated side tables, perfect for landing a cocktail, a candle, or a book.

Superior Craftsmanship

A continuation of Brown Jordan’s long history of top-quality metal framework, Moto stands apart from the crowd thanks to the excellence of its engineering and fabrication. The frame, made of heavyweight extruded and cast aluminum has cast joints and custom extrusions for smooth, seamless transitions at every turn. Tiny details show off the minute attention Vering and Brown Jordan gave the design, from the consistent ¾” radius of all the joints to the subtle grooved detailing around the legs.

The long spans of the seating have concealed internal reinforcement for strong, long-lasting quality without distracting visible supports. Abstract lacework in the metal seat supports allows for drainage. “When you take off the cushions, there’s this lovely surprise underneath,” says Vering. “It just shows the level of detail that went into this design.”

Moto Collection

Custom-Tailored Upholstery

Upholstered back and side panels give the sectionals supportive structure but keep the look contemporary and clean. “I wanted to emphasize the pureness of the metal and the luxury cushions,” says Vering of her streamlined design approach. She also considered practicality and flexibility: Slip off the padded upholstered covers for easy cleaning, revealing polished powder-coated panels that look beautiful even without their tailored sleeves.

A second layer of upholstery sets the tone of the collection. The back and seat cushions are made with extra-thick, extra-supportive foam that’s then wrapped with three layers of batting to create a distinctive crown. Each cushion is constructed for its specific piece and position, so every component fits together perfectly. Oversized throw pillows—included with each product—add sink-in softness to the deep seats, completing the plush effect.

Pulling all this comfort together is the luxurious, subtly textured Perennials indoor-outdoor upholstery fabric and the eye-catching tailoring details: elegant piping on the cushions and flat welting on the upholstered panels—details rarely found in outdoor furnishings.

The Next Phase in a Successful Partnership

Known for its trend-setting designs, high quality, and continuous innovation, Brown Jordan looks to the world’s most talented designers to continue its legacy of excellence. “Our first collaboration—Oscar—was unbelievably successful and we’re honored to work with Ann Marie Vering again on the unique, highly elevated Moto collection,” says Stephen Elton, Chief Brand Officer for Brown Jordan. “What’s really wonderful about Moto is that it’s a seating system. The design is unique, and the configurations are unlimited—you never have to say ‘no’. It’s exactly the kind of premium offering we love to bring to our customers. We couldn’t be more excited about our relationship with Ann Marie Vering, or this collection”

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